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The Story: Seeds of Change

With all that's going on in the world, there's never been a more important time to stop, take stock, and be thankful for what we have... and to make sure that we're adding good to the world, not doing it harm.

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  1. Cuteness overload...

    Cuteness overload...

    Why does making something smaller make it much cuter? Maybe it's the tiny details, reminders of childhood toys, or our inner nurturer coming out...
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  2. Making hay while the sun shines...

    Making hay while the sun shines...

    As the saying goes; make hay while the sun shines. But here at FieldDay, we make our gorgeous Hay Candles whatever the weather!
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  3. My Irish Escape

    My Irish Escape

    This is our family cottage in the Mourne Mountains. It’s a traditional Irish cottage dating back to 1700’s, that my parents Rosemary and Stanley bought in 1976.
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  4. Field Geek? It's your time to shine...

    Field Geek? It's your time to shine...

    Meadow season is in full swing and we're loving every moment. Everywhere you look, fields and meadows are packed with grasses, clover, buttercups and daisies. It's dreamy out there...
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  5. No need for rose-tinted specs

    No need for rose-tinted specs

    My daughter Grace and I gathered this bunch of wild beauties last night on our evening walk. Look closely and you'll see there's four varieties; each different in fragrance and colour... and sharpness of thorns, as my hands will testify!
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  6. The Fab Four

    The Fab Four

    It's hard to choose isn't it? And waaay too much stress for a Friday. With our soap quartet you don't have to, with the FieldDay 'Fab Four' classic scents in one cute pack, bringing all your faves together.
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