Hands up for our hand-care collection. Vegan & cruelty free.


We’ve set the bar high with our chunky vegetable, vegan soaps.

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    Linen Lovers Bundle
    Linen Lovers Bundle
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    Linen Soap
    Linen Soap
  1. Sea Soap
    Sea Soap
  2. Meadow Soap
    Meadow Soap
  3. Wild Rose Soap
    Wild Rose Soap

Soap Quartet

We’ve set the bar high with our vegetable, vegan soaps.

Hand Wash

Clean up with our cleansing, gentle hand wash. Vegan & cruelty free.

  1. Linen Hand Wash
    Linen Hand Wash
  2. Sea Hand Wash
    Sea Hand Wash
  3. Meadow Hand Wash
    Meadow Hand Wash
  4. Wild Rose Hand Wash
    Wild Rose Hand Wash

Hand Gel

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