The scents of summer...

Inspired by making rose-petal perfume as kids.. take a trip down memory lane with our JamJar Candle Collection. Let's celebrate our awesome native weeds and wildflowers.

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Re-purposed treats with every order...

Our wax melts are made from leftover fragranced wax and blended with field flowers and seeds. It's a small change but we're on a mission to re-purpose our factory waste. One free with all orders.

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FieldDay Apothecary

Our essential oil Apothecary candle collection pays tribute to some of the beautiful everyday flora and plants found in every field across our island.

6 Fragrances

Ivy, Hay Rain, Flora, Peat, Lichen

100% Natural Irish Made Candle Craft

Just like the song goes, we love to go a-wandering. Mountain trails, fields or forests, you name it, if it’s outdoors we love it. Our collections pay homage to Ireland’s native wildflowers and scents.